Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cover "wins" from 2/4/12

 Boy, talk about getting right to the point. How could I pass this book and not give it a look? A beautiful illustration mixed with a dirty gesture. Sometimes a simple idea can elevate what would otherwise have been a boring cover. Also, going with more of a paperback-novel-jacket design is a great touch. It really makes this book stand out as an island in an ocean of comic books.
 Another one of those "this is more than just a superhero comic" covers. Nice job on the font and over-all design. The use of limited color is nice. Also, having the rifle breaking into the above illustration brings together what otherwise might have seemed like two separate illustrations; plus, the rifle helps lead the eye down to the gunman.
 Here's an example of a straight forward cover. Nothing special about the design, but the execution makes it a solid cover. I would love to take the illustration and integrate the type into the design, like an old 40's-50's B-movie poster. The bottom line is: Brereton can paint!
 A strong juxtapose between a war helmet and a mushroom cloud. You just can't ignore this cover. It opens up a serious can of whup-ass; about 10 megatons worth.
 Imagine this cover colored normally. It just wouldn't have the same impact as this minimal palette cover does. Your eye has no problem finding the main focus, the main character. The only thing is, I might have pushed the tones a bit more to give it depth; darker shadows in front and lighter in back. The reverse of that would also work.
 Hiding illustrative elements in the shadow of a strong silhouette is a classic design that continues to work, as it does here in spades. Also, having cool tones on the outer part and warm tones on the inner works well.
 Speaking of tones, notice how the tone gets lighter and lighter as we get closer to hero? It's like a subliminal bullseye for your eye. Plus, keeping all the secondary elements more on the monochromatic side keeps this complex drawing from becoming a clusterfuck of detail that confuses the eye; not to mention, the colors themselves are really nice. Kudos to the colorist.


  1. In theory I agree with your comment about the Lone Ranger cover, but c'mon, that composition makes it look like he's experiencing a major fart.

  2. Those Lone Ranger Covers are kick ass. Last issue's cover was cool as well. I'm glad to see you picked this month's cover for a "win". Dave, I have to admit that when you first started this blog I thought it was just going to be something to massage your ego, but actually its highly educational. Every artist visiting this site should be taking notes. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for including the QUEEN CRAB cover...I went for the white outline and simple look for a number of reasons, the first being I didnt want to cover up the art on any level with lettering...and went with the stark white because I simply wanted the book to stay on the rack more...and too busy gets the boot in my eyes.

  4. I absolutely agree with you on the Brereton cover. The man can paint, too bad the designer has no talent as a typographer. Took a beautiful painting and added nothing...I say it.

  5. Huh - normally I agree with you, but the Lone Ranger cover looks like the Ranger is farting out a group of cowboys on horses. The montage just doesn't work for me because of the placement of the two scenes. The "cloudiness" of the border around the cowboys riding towards the reader just adds to my point.