Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another one from yesterday

Here's another one I talked about yesterday. Like I said then, team book covers are a bitch. Too much to focus on if you don't work on it. Here's a possible solution to help create levels.
I made the characters in front a bit larger and put them in shadow. I would maybe do more with the layout, but I'm too lazy to do it here.


  1. Totally agree, I would separate the two middle characters's values too. Darken their values, but cranked the contrast from those strong lights in the background. It would make it an awesome read. Brighten the BG characters values more to separate & make it a more subtle second read. With such strong lights from the BG characters, it would blow them out more as well as the rims on the middle characters. The flow of the characters is weird too. Too many spots where the action is stopped by a tangent. It seems like 3 separate ideas layered as one.

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  3. Another problem: This cover has waaay too many needless words! I'm sure there is a corporate argument to be made for all of 'em, but NONE of 'em are worthy of a second glance. Hell, even an Archie comic cover full of wordy word balloons beckons a re-read every time you pick it up.
    Oh, and crappy fonts and logos.
    (Do I see the unintended irony in a super long comment about "too many...words"? You betcha!)