Monday, November 21, 2011

A few more cover misses from the week of 11/20/11

My main problem with this is lack of credit to the original artist Frank miller. People, without a credit note to the original source of your design I'm just going to assume you're a plagiarist. You're better than that.
Ok, my issue with this cover isn't so much that it's a bad design, but the fact that all the Lady Death covers are basically the SAME FUCKING COVER!!! Usually a traced Victoria's Secret photo with some random elements tossed in. Never anything about a story, although that might be on purpose. I can't imagine that it would be that great of a read to begin with, but maybe I'm just immune to ways of Lady Death. For all I know, it could be the Watchmen of soft core titillation super hero books. If you're a huge fan of the book and you think I'm wrong about it, let me know. But regardless, the cover designs of this title leaves me limp.
And finally, this one. I'm really confused by what the artist is trying to convey here. He obviously loves drawing hands. Glowing hands and zombie hands. But the over all design just doesn't make a whole lotta sense. Are the 2 glowing hand guys friends and are facing off against a zombie hoard? Or are they about to fight it out with wizard powers for the entertainment of the zombies? As we now know from watching The Walking Dead, zombies love flairs. But would a zombie buy this book? I'm not so sure.


  1. Oh Reverend Dave, you are indeed wrong about Lady Death not being a great read. In fact, the Watchmen of femme fatale books is exactly how I'd put it! :P

    As for this cover, it's the cover of a volume that collects a few separate mini-series storylines from a few years ago. So while I know what you're saying, a (pardon the expression) money shot cover was not entirely inappropriate in this case.

    If you ever run across the current ongoing series, you'll find that the regular covers are often reflective of the stories within.

    --Mark Seifert

  2. The publishers of LADY DEATH need to use this as a pull quote. "...could be the WATCHMEN of soft core titillation super hero books..." - Eisner-winning cover artist Dave Johnson