Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cover "wins" from 12/17/11

 Love the design, love the colors. Hell, what's not to love?
 A sweet example of an "X" design. I've said it before, Mignola has this shit down to a sweet science.
 This is here mainly to appreciate the fine painting skills of this artist. Great color work. Subtle.
 Speaking of subtle. Another great job. Nailed it. I wish I was better at the Art Nouveau but then I'd be in competition with Adam Hughes. And I'm crazy, not stupid. But this artist does a great job.
 J.H. Williams is the master of having a ton of shit going on in covers but yet he knows how to make each element readable. And the logo stands out yet is integrated into the art nicely.
 Hey, let's just have the character standing in the rain. And if you're Mr. Howard, you pick a great angle, you add a graphic BG element that could be building reflections or not. Either way, the sky reflection anchors the design. And the colorist does a great job with those sky color. I really FEEL the fatigue of the character after what I'm assuming was a hellacious night of ass kicking. But that's over now because the sun is coming up.
 Text with an illustration? Yes please. And I love how the yellow lettering divides the scenes and works as a bridge between red and green.
Speaking of yellow. Love the brightness of this Coker cover. It's got great drama.


  1. "I really FEEL the fatigue of the character after what I'm assuming was a hellacious night of ass kicking."

    HAHAHA, it's obvious SOMEONE hasn't read The Cape (hint: he's not a "good guy").

  2. How is "ass kicking" only a heroic trait? And you're right I haven't read it. But I still like the cover.

  3. He's not really a villain, either. He's a cowardly asshole and getting into a fair fight where he has to exert himself wouldn't be like him. He probably did something awful to someone that didn't deserve it and hadn't had a chance to defend themselves.

    It's a dark and horrible book, and I mean that in the best way possible. If you're into irredeemable anti-heroes, I'd recommend it.

  4. Don't mean to nitpick, but I only bring this up because I've seen you use the word a few times now: what is "subtile"? Do you mean 'subtle'?

    Really loving these! Helping me think differently about composing my own covers.

  5. I love your first pick, but my only beef with it is the distressed type. When recurring letters have the same appearance – the O being the most glaring example – it comes off so artificial to me. However, the general design of the cover makes it (somewhat) easy to overlook that.

    Loving the blog, by the way. I always appreciate your honesty.

  6. Allan-You're right about the logo, but my guess is it was already done long before the cover. And probably by someone else, like most logos are done.