Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cover "Wins" of 12/3/11

Starting off this week is this gem. Simple, direct. Your eyes goes right to Red Skull's face because red is the only other main color besides black and the off white. And this cover really sells the "old poster" feel along with the used and dirty nature of the art. All in all, just a great example of propaganda art done right.
 I like how the title relates to the art, which is painted very well. And that's why it's in "cover wins". But that said, the cropping on the big dude is a bit off. Maybe if every element were shifted to the left so we could see a little more of him and the space between his legs. But, It might be part of a diptych. Also, I would have liked to see a hint of the gallows. But then, it's "Fables" so maybe it's a magic hangman's rope that travels the countryside looking for work yelling "GET YER HANGIN' HERE!"
 Speaking of gallows. If this cover is supposed to give me the creeps, it's done it in spades. Love the design. It's got a lot going on but every element has it's place. You discover things naturally. Like the guy with the scarf. You almost don't notice him at first, but then when you do, you can't take your eyes off of him.
 I guess this is on here because, like I said in another post, I'm a sucker for comic book covers that feel like paperback novel covers. And this does that. I'm not really sure what the book is about but the weird skulls that don't look human make me at least want to crack open the book to find out.
 This is one here because of two things. The unusual color palette and the overall creepy nature of the illustration. Both are well done.
And speaking of color. BAM! This just really jumped off the screen at me. Why? Because of the brightest color of all. WHITE! Without it, that red and blue just wouldn't have had the same impact. I remember many times in my career having to argue this fact to editors.


  1. Yes! David Aja, did a bang up job on that Red Skull series. All those propanda poster styled pieces were outstanding. And Fables covers have always been a treat to me.

  2. I love solid use of white in art, but the problem with white covers isn't an aesthetic's that the little damages of shipping and shelving are REALLY obvious on them and much of the time they come out of the shipping box already smudged.

    It's a shame, honestly.

  3. I'm oretty sure white is considered a tone, not a color... but thats just technical and doesnt change how using it works. some cool work here, Im enjoying this blog. Thank you Rev.

  4. I just googled it, apprently white IS a color... huh, I was taught its a tone, learned something new again.

  5. Green Wake and Red Skull did it for me.

  6. I i really like the colors on the Fables cover. It is really creepy. I am an aspiring artist and i really enjoy reading your thoughts on what works and what doesnt. Helps me not make the same mistakes.

    Keep it up.